WordPress Development

November 13, 2017 David Sukola


So here we are.  My site developed with WordPress.  It’s by far the most widely used CMS out there in world of Internet.  It is used by some very big company’s, for a reason.  It took me awhile to actually make the change and go for it. And still not sure if I’m 100% happy, but it’ll get better as I learn more about it.

User Interface

I like Bootstrap and have developed quite a few sites using it with great success.  Bootstrap and WordPress actually work pretty well together.  That’s how this site was developed.

Hosting Provider

DreamHost is the hosting provider of choice.  They know WordPress and do a good job of keeping the servers secure and up to date.  Managed hosting I think is what they called it.

So with all of that, it’s time to push some content up and make a site out of it.